To allow Sunreport to access the data of the systems reported on the Sunny Portal and ennexOS sites of SMA, the system owner must enable access.

The system to be monitored must be assigned the owner’s email because an email requesting authorization will be automatically sent to them. There are no restrictions on the email address to be entered.

The steps to follow are as follows, and everything happens automatically.

If the owner has not yet been assigned to the system, access the portal to assign it.

In the old version of Sunny Portal ( you need to
select the system > configuration > user management > click modify (on the right) > select the 'Owner' checkbox
Note: only one user can be selected as the owner.
To create a new user:
click the New User button > enter the owner's email
The email can be any address, with no restrictions.

In the new version of Sunny Portal ( instead
Select the system from the drop-down menu in the top right > click on configuration > User Management > click on modify and select 'Owner'
To create a new user:
Click the + (on the right) and enter the details.
If the user is not present in the SMA records, they will receive an email asking them to register. They need to do this to enable data reading.

Once this is done:

  1. In Sunreport, select the system.
  2. Click on Plant settings > Connected devices > Add new > SMA.
  3. Enter the owner’s email here and click send request.
  4. The owner will receive an email from SMA and must click a button to authorize data reading.
  5. Once authorized, select the SMA device in Sunreport to activate it:
    plant > connected devices > SMA > settings
    and click Activate.