Sungrow - iSolarCloud

To allow Sunreport to access the plant data reported on the iSolarCloud site of Sungrow, it is necessary to enter, in addition to the username (userid) and password to access their site, also the “App key” and “Access Key” values. These are keys to access their APIs (interfaces between programs that Sunreport uses to read the data).

These keys must be requested from Sungrow by sending a request email to: indicating the email with which you registered on the iSolarCloud portal (userid) and attaching the completed and signed confidentiality agreement that can be downloaded from here: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Example email:

Good morning.
I kindly ask you to send me
App key
Access Key
related to my account
iSolarCloud (insert the email with which you access iSolarCloud).
I attach the completed and signed NDA.

Once the values have been received, enter them in Sunreport in Plant > connected devices > Add new > Sungrow in the corresponding boxes.